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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Capital Market - 2

This paper has been contributed by Parul Jindal
Thanks to Parul Jindal for this paper and writing the questions from the images as images sometimes are difficult to upload and read by users.

Appeal to submitters: Please send the papers in text format, it helps community
CAPITAL MARKET                                         NOV.,2010

Ques1:- In India there are presently _____ companies, in the business of Credit Rating?
Ans:-   4
Ques2:- Dematerialized shares have distinctive numbers.
Ans:-   False
Ques3:- Sweat equity shares means equity shares issued by a company to employees at a discount.
Ans:-   True
Ques4:- In case  of public issue by a listed company, participation by promoters in the proposed issue in excess of the required minimum % shall also be locked in for a period of ________ years.
Ans:-    1
Ques5:- The person who changes the composition of securities?
Ans:-   Fund Manager
Ques6:-   Qualities of a merchant banker?
Ans:-   Knowledge and information about various aspects of the capital market,
           Ability to evaluate and analyse the various aspects,
           Update their knowledge
Ques7:- Which company come out with a unique product called bonus debentures?
Ans:-   Hindustan lever
Ques8:- The venture capital can flourish only when there is a well developed _______________?
Ans:-   Capital market
Ques9:- The report is required to be submitted to SEBI along with a fee of Rs.________ /report.
Ans:-   10,000
Ques10:- The amount of net worth a company should have for opting for an        IPO is
Ans:-   1 crore  
Ques11:-  BSE introduced an equity stock index known as _________
Ans:-   Sensex
Ques12:- The company should have a track record of dividend payment of 3 years out of the immediately preceding 5 years.
Ans:-   True
Ques13:- Precautions to be taken with respect to delivery instruction slip?
Ans:-   DIS number must be pre-printed, account number must be stamped, target account id be filled
Ques14:- Regulations for venture capital funds are
Ans:-   VCFs must be registered, VCFs cannot carry on any other activity, VCFs  must disclose the investment strategy
Ques15:- Minimum post issue capital of a company should be ?
Ans:-   10 crores
Ques16:- Letter of offer is?
Ans:- document addressed to the shareholders,
 containing disclosures of the acquirer/PACs,
 offer price
Ques17:- HFCs disbursement on project lending is restricted to?
Ans:-   30%
Ques18:-   Match the following:-
                   Business analysis ------   determinates of revenue growth
                   Market position -------- nature and basis of competition
                   Operating advantage-------- technology risk
                   Financial risk --------------- interest coverage
Ques19:- The acquirer is required to appoint _________ before making a PA.
Ans:-       Merchant banker
Ques20:- The right to buy is called ______?
Ans:-   Call option
Ques21:- Regulatory aspects of the mutual funds are/
Ans:-   AMC shall launch no scheme unless the trustee approve such scheme, document of each scheme pay filling fees, offer document shall contain disclosures
Ques22:- The person responsible for maintaining Escrow account in securitisation?
Ans:-   Trustee
Ques23:- _______ is the international credit rating company.
Ans:-   FITSCH
Ques24:-  A Commercial paper is ?
Ans:-    short term financial instrument,
            Means of raising short term debt issue,
             They are negotiable and transferable instruments

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Human Resource Development and Training - 2

This paper has been contributed by Shalini Hareesh
Thanks to Shalini Hareesh for this paper and writing the questions from the images as images sometimes are difficult to upload and read by users.

Appeal to submitters: Please send the papers in text format, it helps community

Human Resource Development and Training
Attempted questions and answers:
Multiple choice single answer:

1)      Combination of Trainee’s level of ability and motivation with his/her perceptions of the work environment:
Ans: Trainability

2) Organisation structures have been typically:
Ans: Hierarchial

3)      What is the main benefit of internet to attract applicant;
Ans: Speedy response

4) Symbolic architectures rely heavily on the notion that human beings process information in the form of:
Ans: Symbols and language

5) A training budget is likely to be made on
Ans: Last year plus inflation basis.

6)      A task which often use motor function typically require the manipulation of
Ans: Instruments and equipments

7) Contrast errors are
Ans: Employees evaluation is affected by the evaluation just previously done,

8)      Program objectives that lack performance, condition and criteria are often
Ans: Ambigious,

Multiple choice multiple answer:

9)      Expected results of a training in a workplace may be seen in  :
Ans: Increased sales and increased profits
Fewer complaints from customers
Fewer rejects at quality inspection stage

10)  What is the most convenient and appropriate method for attracting the attention of the specialist staff:
Ans: Advertisement in the press/media, private employment agencies, professional agencies.

11)  Kolb defined four learning styles:
Ans: Convergent, divergent , assimilation, accommodative.

12)  Immediate benefits of an effective training plan may be seen in the
Ans: Shorter learning time, reduced travel cost, lower costs per participant.

13)  Total training cost include
Ans: Participants ongoing salaries, overheads during training, cost of R&D in training needs analysis.

14)  An employees attitude towards career exploration and job involvement affects
Ans: Learning, applications, overlearning.

15)  In order to structure a training session, the trainer needs to have
Ans: Diagnostic skills, range of technical skills , interpersonal and judgemental skills.

16)  Trait method have
Ans: High potential for errors, not useful for rewards, useful for counseling.

17)  Good QWL creates
Ans: Cordial atmosphere, good understanding, concentration on work.

Select the blank

18)  Prospective participants can be decided upon through
Ans: Evaluation

19)  Halo effect is to assign ---- values to the employees.
Ans:  Excessive

20)  With today’s business of bottomline, a program’s cost effectiveness is ---
Ans: Crucial.

21)  Performance appraisal is the same as-----
Ans: Performance evaluation.

22)  ----- tries to discover the reasons for an employees effective or ineffective performance
Ans: Diagnostic person analysis.

23) A shift in the nature of contract between employer and ---- is also a trend affecting modern HRD.
Ans:  employees.

24)  Both descriptive and judgemental  information is required for an ---- evaluation.
Ans: HRD

True of false

25)  Applicant’s full name, address and telephone number are the most important items of the application form.--False
26)  Performance appraisal is done only by supervisors.—False.
27)  Retention of what is learnt is the final victory of training—True.
28)  Fringe benefits gives a sense of gaining something more. ---True.
29)  Tension related to power imbalance created by the new system is a figment of the imagination. --True
30)  Employees tend to drift from a job which promises growth—False.
31)  Incase of a serious gap between management;s intent  and perceived reality, the audit team should be able to bridge the gap. –True.

Match the following
  • Tool for right selection Ans: Job analysis.
  • Major cost of selection Ans: employee leaving the organisation before contributing
  • Human resource development—Ans: Career planning
    1. Major inputs of selection process—Ans: confidential information about candidates
  • Performance standards
Ans: derived from job analysis
  • Strategic relevance
Ans: standards relating to strategic objectives
  • Criterion deficiency
Ans: standards not focusing on all criteria
  • Criterion contamination
Ans: standards that are not in the employees control

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Production and Operations Management - 23

This paper has been contributed by Ravi Kumar
Thanks to Ravi Kumar for this paper and writing the questions from the
images as images sometimes are difficult to upload and read by users.

Appeal to submitters: Please send the papers in text format, it helps


1.    Just as the lessons and techniques from agriculture were applied to
manufacturing the same is true with the application of factory techniques to
service organization. (F)

2.    The fact that the role of the service manager is viewed from an
open-system perspective implies that the environment can be ignored safely
in dealing with service systems. (F)

3.    The consumer participates in the service process, which is not the
case in manufacturing. (T)

4.    The classification of service systems using the "service process
matrix" is based on two considerations: degree of labor intensity, and the
degree of service customization. (T)

5.    From an open-systems view, the output of a service system consists of
satisfied customers. (T)

6.    The main difficulty with services is that the product is intangible,
and in many cases it is not even identifiable as any one particular aspect
of the service package. (T)

7.    A study of service systems must begin with the fundamental idea that
the basic inputs are supporting facility, facilitating goods, labor, and
capital.  The output is the service offered. (F)

8.    In contrast to manufacturing, the aesthetics of the environment play a
major role in the customer's perception of the service.  (T)

9.    The fact that services can be inventoried is an important
characteristic, which distinguishes them from manufacturing. (F)

10.           Reduction of the role played by the consumer is an effective
way of improving productivity and decreasing the cost of the service. (F)

11.           Services are time-perishable.  An opportunity to provide a
service, if forgone, is lost forever. (T)

12.           In one respect, manufacturing and services are alike, i.e.,
both can suffer from technological obsolescence. (T)

13.           The fact that services are labor intensive ensures that the
service is fair and equal for all customers. (F)

14.           In the open systems concept of services, viewing the consumer
as part of the resources used by the service is superfluous. (F)

15.           It is convenient and often necessary to combine the operations
and marketing functions for service organizations. (T)

16.           Service managers must usually be concerned with improving
process efficiency. (F)

17.           Little or no interaction between customer and service provider
is required when the service is customized (F)

18.           Training of service personnel is a criterion for evaluating
the explicit services feature of the service package. (T)

19.           In services, opportunities for quality control intervention
are increased due to simultaneous production and consumption. (F)

20.           Marketing helps smooth demand to match capacity in service
operations. (T)
Multiple Choice
1.  The service package consists of four features.  Which one of the four
features listed below is not included in the package?
a.                    Explicit services
b.                    Supporting facility
c.                     Implicit services
d.                    Cost of service*

2.  The major input into a large public hospital from a service point of
view would be:
a.                    physicians' services.
b.                    patients.*
c.                     nursing services.
d.                    federal reimbursement (Medicare/Medicaid).

3.  Which of the following is not true of services?
a.                    The customer is the input.
b.                    The customer takes an active part in the service.
c.                     A service can be inventoried.*
d.                    Production and consumption occur simultaneously.

4.  Which of the following is not a defining element of the service package?
a.                    Supporting facility
b.                    Competitive strength*
c.                     Explicit services
d.                    Facilitating goods

5.  The service process matrix classification consists of four categories of
services.  Which one of the four features listed below is not included in
this classification?
a.                    Service factory
b.                    Service shop
c.                     Public service*
d.                    Professional service

6.  Which service offering is best described by the following service mix: a
high degree of customer interaction and a high degree of labor intensity?
a.                    Public university
b.                    Cruise ship
c.                     Plumbing repair
d.                    Chiropractor*

7.  Transactional analysis refers to:
a.                    accounting entries.
b.                    counting customers served.
c.                     measuring change in customers from input to output.*
d.                    measuring the activity of contact personnel.

8.  An empty airline seat or hotel room not occupied best illustrates the
characteristic of a service's
a.                    time perishability.*
b.                    labor intensity.
c.                     intangibility.
d.                    simultaneous production and consumption.

9.  Which type of service falls under the category of "high labor/low
a.                    Service factory
b.                    Service shop
c.                     Mass service*
d.                    Professional service

10.           Which one of the following is not a classification scheme for
strategic service insight?
a.    Nature of the service act
b.    Relationship with customers
c.     Method of service delivery
d.    Degree of interaction and customization*

11.  Which of the following is not a challenge for a manager of a high
labor-intensive service?
a.                     Scheduling service delivery.*
b.                     Controlling services in far-flung locations.
c.                      Methods development and control.
d.                     Managing growth.

12.  A hospital is an example of a service processes that has
a.    high degree of labor intensity and low degree of customization.
b.    low degree of labor intensity and low degree of customization.
c.     high degree of labor intensity and high degree of customization.
d.    low degree of labor intensity and high degree of customization.*

13.  Capital decisions, technological advances, and managing demand are some
managerial challenges for a
a.    service factory. *
b.    service shop.
c.     mass service.
d.    professional service.

14.  Which among the following strategies is used by fast-food restaurants
to reduce costs?
a.    Increase advertising via the Internet.
b.    Allowing the customer to play an active part in the service process. *
c.     Iincrease prices.
d.    Increasing menu items to cater to varying tastes.

15. __________ and __________ are among many of the unique characteristics
of services that are interrelated
a.    Inventory stockout, time
b.    Supply, demand
c.     Customer participation, perishability *
d.    Capacity, time

16.  Gaining employee loyalty is a managerial challenge that would most
likely be associated with which type of industry?
a.    retailing
b.    hospitals
c.     airlines
d.    consulting *

17.  The presence of a friendly desk clerk in a budget hotel is an example
of which of the four features of a service package?
a.    supporting facility
b.    facilitating goods
c.     explicit services
d.    implicit services *

18.  Which of the following is not included in the criteria for evaluating
facilitating goods?
a.    facility layout *
b.    selection
c.     consistency
d.    quantity

19.  Distinctive characteristics of service operations include which of the
a.    customer participation and perishability
b.    intangibility and heterogeneity
c.     (a) and (b)*
d.    none of the above

20.  What type of service industry is high in judgment exercised by customer
contact personnel and low in customization?
a.    college food service *
b.    professional services
c.     telephone services
d.    fast-food restaurant 

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