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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Total Quality Management and Human Resource

This solved paper of Total Quality Management and Human Resource has been contributed by Nisha Verma

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Total Quality Management and Human Resources
Solved Question Answers.

Q1.  Name of the Human Relation Skill is divided into tow parts
Ans.   Communication Skill of Recipient
  • Disseminator of information (Pg No. 20)

Q2. Quality assurance is a prevention based system.
Ans. True (Pg. No. 41)

Q3. Match the following
  •  Stratification – Is a tool for recording and Presentation
  • Check Sheet- Is also a method of data collection and data presentation.
  • Scatter Diagram- Is drawn to a scale for collection of data and plotted on a graph.
  • Histogram- Is a visual presentation of the spread on distribution of data to monitor a   process to see if it consistently meets the customer’s requirement.
(Pg No. 90,91)

Q4. Which is named after its founder the legendary Japanese Management guru?
Ans. Ishikawa (Pg No. 92)

Q5. Which has been a great statistician who proved that 20% of world’s population held 80% of its wealth?
Ans. Pareto Diagram (Pg No. 93)

Q6. Match the following
  •  Plan- Establish the objectives and processes
  • Do- Implement the process
  • Check- Monitor and measure processes and product against policies
  • Act- Take action to continually the improve process performance
(Pg. No. 151)

Q7. Steps of ISO 9001:2000 implementation
  • Training program on awareness
  • Writing of the procedure, work instruction and the quality manual
  • Adequacy audit of the quality manual (Pg. no. 159)

Q8. Quality of  product and services is defined ………… and ……….. from product non conformities

Ans. Fitness for use and free (Pg. No. 221)

Q9. Match the following
  •  Corporate Governance : Interest , whether direct or indirect.
  • Director- salaries, benefits, and reputation
  • Customer Service- Goods and services
  • Supplier – receive compensation for their goods and services (Pg. No. 250)

Q10. Key elements of good corporate governance principles:
 Ans. Honesty, trust, integrity      (Pg. No. 250)

Q11. Pareto Chart showing different types of :
Ans. Defects (Pg. No. 274)

Q12. Histogram are several forms like:
 Ans. Normal, skewed, bimodal (Pg. No. 276)

Q13. Snow extent and sea-ice are also projected to decrease further in the
Ans. Northern Hemisphere (Pg. No. 338)

Q14. Match the following:
  • Analysis- A systematic process of collating quality cost data to give it sense.
  • Appraisal- An examination of one or more processes by a trained team of professional using an appraisal reference model as basis for determining strength and weaknesses.
  • Baseline- A set of specification or work products that has been formally reviewed and agreed on.
  • Empowerment- It is a concept of making people take responsibility for setting objectives in own boundaries of task.  (Pg. No. 357)

Q15.  Match the following
  • Create a positive workplace – Where team members feel excited to work.
  • Motivation being “personal” –Make sure you focus on aligning team member’s aspiration with that of an organization .
  • Create a culture of “learn from Mistakes”- Enable people and teams to find the root cause and train people to eliminate such causes.
  • Encourage Initiative- Encourage people to use thinking paradoxically and use knowledge.
  • Hold morale boosting meeting or briefings – Share success first and then discuss any failure.  (Pg. No. 376)


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