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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This paper of Industrial Relations and Labour Laws has been contributed by NISHA VERMA



Message from Sender:

Hi Team


Please find the attached file of Organisational Development exam which i have appered on 16 july 2011.


Thanks with regards

Nisha Verma







Q1 Match the following

  • External Factors – Climatic Conditions, Political Conditions
  • Definite Structure- Persons holding various posts are well specified
  • Human Behavior - People bring different ideas, ways of working
  • Value – Belief, attitudes, 

(Pg No. 7)


Q2 The parents of today children grew up without mobile ,digital cameras, email,

Ans. False (Pg No. 14)


Q3 The primary goal of unplanned change is to survive immediate ………………..

Ans. Crisis (Pg No. 21)


Q4 Organizational development focuses on issues related to the human side of the organization by finding ways to increase effectiveness of individuals, teams, and the organization human and social processes.

Ans. True (Pg No. 27)


Q5 organizational effectiveness can also be improved by other change strategies apart from OD. For Exam

Ans. Business Process Engineering

        Total Quality Management

        Six Sigma

(Pg No. 28)


Q6 OD have emerged from four major stems as The laboratory Training Stem, The survey Research and feedback stem, the action research stem, Sociotechnical and Socioclinical stem

Ans. True (Pg No 42)


Q7  Teams and team work, Parallel Learning structures, Applied Behavioural science are …………………. Of OD.

Ans.  Foundation (Pg No. 54)


Q8 Who is suggest the two Important aspects of OD are Transformation Change & Transactional Changes

Ans. Burke and Litwin (Pg No. 55)


Q9 System in Simplest Meaning is an ……………….

Ans. Arrangement (Pg No. 57)




Q10. System Theory view organization as

Ans. Open System (Pg No. 57)      

Q11 ………………….. process the old norms are discarded and supplanted by the new ones.

Ans Re-educative (Pg No. 61)      


Q12 Action Research is

Ans. Problem Solving

        Data base

(Pg No. 62)


Q13 Match the following

  • Purpose – What business are we in
  • Structure- How do we divide our work
  • Rewards- Do all needed tasks have Incentives
  • Leadership- Does someone keep the boxes in balance

(Pg No. 66)


Q14 Match the following

  • Calls attention to a contradiction in action or attitudes that then leads to exploration – Discrepancy Intervention
  • Behavioral science knowledge and theory are used to explain present behaviour and assumption underlying behavior – Theory Intervention
  • This involves deciding a particular method which is the best one, as against the present one which may not be suitable – Procedural Intervention
  • Focus on interpersonal relationship, especially where there are strong negatives feelings – Relationship Intervention

    (Pg No. 96)


Q15 Match the following

·         Two different plans are tested, their response is analyses and tested for consequences – Experimental Intervention

·         In some cases, their may be imposed dilemma. The same is closely examined and possible choices are explored. – Delemma Intervention

·         This involves analysis of Past History, context and future objectives in order to asses whether or not  the actions are meetings the desired target.- Perspective Intervention

·         Examines and evaluates structural reasons for organizational ineffectiveness.- Organization Structure Intervention

(Pg No. 96)


Q16 Which activities are designed to improve organizational structures and job designs.

Ans. Techno – structural or Structural Activities.

(Pg No. 97)





Q17 The team must have the right mix of skill.

Ans Technical Skill

        Problem Solving Skill

        Interpersonal Skill

(Pg No. 120)


Q18 Responsibility Charting in non involvement of a person with the decision this is indicated on the chart with a

Ans. Dash (Pg No. 138)


Q19 Quality of work life has the capacity to improve productivity, organizational effectiveness and employee satisfaction if properly co-ordinate.

Ans False (Pg No. 158)      


Q20 Grid Od, developed by psychologists

Ans Robert Blake and Jane Mouton (Pg No.179)


Q21 Due to this ……………… between position and personal power , power relationship in organizational are rarely straightforward.

Ans. Dichotomy (Pg No. 225)        


Q22 This involve those activites taken within organization to acquire , develop and use power and other resource to obtain one's preferred outcomes in a situation in which there is uncertainty about choices.

     Ans. Organizational Politics (Pg No. 226)







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