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Friday, July 31, 2015

SCDL Assignment Financial Management - 64

This solved paper of Financial Management of SCDL Pune has been contributed by Nicky Keshri
Thanks: Nicky Keshri

Unclaimed dividend:  After 7 days from the expiry of 30 days
Issue of Bonus Shares:  Within 6 months
Dividend payment:  Within 30 days
Investor Education and Protection Fund: After 7 years
Which of the following assets get generated during course of operations or get utilized within one  year
A. Fixed assets
B. Tangible assets
C. Current assets (Correct )
D. Intangible assets
Irregular Dividend Policy refers to
·         Dividend payout rate is fixed
·         Dividend payout rate is not fixed (Correct)
·         Dividend payout time is not fixed
·         Dividend payout mode is not fixed
The basic objective of _______ management is to reduce the operating cash requirement to the minimum possible extent without affecting the routine transactions
Cash  (Correct)
A project requires an outlay of Rs. 4,00,000 and earns  ,an annual cash inflow of Rs.1,00,000 for 8 years. Calculate pay back period
·         5 years
·         4 years (Correct)
·         8 years
·         10 years
Shortcomings of debentures from investor’s point of view
A. The interest on debentures is fully taxable (Correct)
B. They do not carry the right to vote (Correct)
C.Debenture prices are vulnerable the increase in interest rates (Correct)
D. They do not earn a stable rate of return
Default cost is
Blocking up of funds for an extended period
The cost which cannot be recovered from the customer due to their inability to pay(Correct)
The cost on the use of additional capital to support credit sales
Administrative cost incurred in collecting the receivables from the customers
Issue of Bonus shares is referred to as
Shares holder’s appeasement
Capitalization of Reserves (Correct)
Capitalization of Profits
Alteration of Authorized Capital
The assumptions of capital structure theories is that Corporate Income Tax does not exist
·         True (correct)
·         False
Return on Assets is a ratio of relationship between Assets and Sales
·         True
·         False (correct)
The Net Income is also called as Profit Before Tax
·         True
·         False (Correct)
The characteristics of fixed assets are
o   They are ordinarily not meant for resale (correct)
o   They are acquired for use for long periods (correct)
o   They are acquired for use over short period
o   They are meant for selling
Factor can purchase the debts of the client making the immediate payment of the same, this reduces the strain on the ________ requirements of the clients
Fixed assets
Working capital (correct)
Types of capital budgeting decisions
Replacements (correct)
Expansion (correct)
Diversification (correct)

Note: Please tally the answers and verify them from SCDL textbooks as all answers might not be correct.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Management Information System MIS SCDL Solved Assignment Exam Paper 28

This solved paper of MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS of SCDL Pune has been contributed by Nicky Keshri.
THANKS TO: Nicky Keshri
1. Match The Following
  a. Top level management         :     Unstructured
 b.  Programmed decision          :      Structured
  c.  Middle level management    :      Structured and Unstructured
 d.   Programmed decision          :      Unstructured
2. Third Generation :
                                      1964-79 (correct answer)
3. Enables transfer of data from one computer system to another in a network environment –
A. Operating System                                       B. Utility Programs
C. Communications Software (correct answer) D. Language Translation
4. Management has to utilize the resources
 A.  Human                    B. Financial 
 C.  Physical 
5. When feelings or opinions are important 
A. Closed questions
B. Open questions   (Correct answer)
C. Brainstorming
D. Guided Brainstorming
6. Match the following
MIS emphasis is on -Data storage
DSS reliance on - Managerial Judgment
MIS reliance on- computer expert
DSS emphasis is on- data manipulation
7.________ is very user friendly and is supported by graphic , providing Exception Reporting and Drill Down capabilities
A. GDSS                                                 B. DSS
C. EIS (correct answer)                         D. AI
8. EIS serves the information needs of Top Executives (TRUE)
9. Match the following
 Planning Toolsets - help begin the development process with information strategy planning
 Analysis Toolset - focuses on correctly capturing detailed business requirements
 Design Toolsets - provides detailed specification of the system solution
Code generation Toolset - produces a higher language programme code based on system specification  
10. Collection of information stored in the database

Answer:  Instance

11. ______ is a new technology that provides the users with the tools to store the summarized information from multiple, heterogeneous database in a single repository

:- (Data Warehouse)

12. Non linear predictive models that learn through training and resemble biological neural network in structure
A. Rule induction                                B. Decision Tree
C. Neural networks (ANS.)                 D. Generic algorithm
13. Audit trails could be based on built in mechanisms.
      True (Correct)
14. Unit of measurement for Quality
    A. Scale (Ans)                  B. Test
    C. Worst                            D. Plan
15. The entire managerial effort in a service industry is to create a Distinctive Service to remain competitive
        True/False     (true is the correct answer)
 Note: Please tally the answers and verify them from SCDL textbooks as all answers might not be correct.

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