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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Personal Administration New Engine SCDL Exam - 4

This solved paper has been contributed by Abhimanyu Mohanta

THANKS TO : Abhimanyu Mohanta

Personnel Administration

Assignment -1
1. Post independence labours legislations enact in India are
            -Labour dispute act-1947
            -Indistrial Enployment act 1946
            -Factory Act 1948

2.Development of personnel administration in India was  started in the year 1920
3.Personnel management is workforce centered
4.The three dimension of PM contains
-Personnel aspect
-welfare aspect
-Industrial relation aspect
5. Earning is stimulated by desire for –change
6. Human resource is now assuming a greater role in –strategic business partner
7.The starting point for job evaluation is –job analysis
8. Indivisual perceived to understand the current direction—incompetency
9. Communication in HR development is indirect (FALSE)
10. System which replace human labour by machine---modernization
11.Internal mobility in an organization  includes—
12.The central idea of personal management is---
13.Internal criteria are related to ultimate purpose of the programe (T/F)
14. Solution to surplus employee
-early retirement
15. The upper limit of actual wage is living wage
16.Direct compensation
-bonuses or commissions
17. Various compensation theory are
-Reinforcement theory
-Equity theory
18.The well –established bases of promotion are seniority and merit(True)
19. Participative forms are prevalent in India are-
-work committees
-joint management councils
-joint councils
20. Industrial units of employees >500 workmen   are to constitute a shop council for each dept.
21. Advantages of employee wellness program
-cost control
-emphasize team work
22. Leading ERP solutions provides e_learning modules which comprises
-Learning Administration Components
-Learning Interaction components
-strategic enterprise components

Assignment -2

1.A country’s system of industrial relation rest on—society
2. Efficency of labour may also be expressed in terms of---
            -unit of physical output
            -output per man hour
            -output per man shift
3. HRM system means
            -designing HR  policies
            -procedures and rules
            -HR direction
4. Dean of the school of Business administration at the University of Massachusetts -Dr George S.Odiorne
5. The nature HR management is –strategic

6. Leadership is all about---influencing people
7. Outcome may be ---

8. Career anchor include
            -managerial competency
            -technical-functional competency
            -search for security
09. Job stress can only be manifested itself in negative ways. (T/F)
10. The level of wage-related to earning capacity and worklood is— a fair wage
11. The conventional view about the role of a trainer is to conduct training programe (T)
12. Bonus paid as per statuary norms and regulations.

13. Training manager-------
14. Match the following
1st step of success plan---management staffing plan
3rd step of success plan---creation of congenial environment
4th step of success plan---appraisal
5th step of success plan---preparation of management resource industry

15. Adults are motivated to learn by both extrinsic and intrinsic motivators (T)

16. Need theory help to explain the value that a person places on certain---outcomes?
17. Match the following
Contract of labour act---1970
Industrial dispute act----1947
Factory act----------------1948
Payment of bonus act ---1965

18. ERP stands for: Enterprise Resource planning

19. Components of compensation system
            -job description and analysis
            -job evaluation
            -pay structure
            -salary survey



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