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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Organisational Behaviour SCDL Solved Exam Paper Assignment 35

This solved paper of Organizational Behavior of SCDL Pune has been contributed by Gaurav Jain
Thanks To: Gaurav Jain

1.what is meant by vision-it means the future must be seen & communicated to the team

2.C2B-Consumer to business

3.Char of negotiation-establishes set of rules o resolve conflict

4.Pple who do not have dream of their own will see u r vision as –Impossible

5.Which type of formal communication has max control over receiver-Person To Person

6.What is halo effect-People see things and react to situation according to their previous exp

7.A persom tries to focus his time & energy on things that give him the max-returns

8.while encoding a msg the receiver- Interprete the message

9.Prescience means- Knowledge abt future

10.Successful people realize the valu of time-management- True

11.Defensiveness means- Receivers tring to justify himself

12.Prerequisite for negotiation- Party should have predetermined goal

13.What is current message- Info abt topic under current discussion

14.Mech barriers are due to- Difficulties in devices used for communicatin

15.Inside address consist of name & address of a person to whome the letter is being sent

16.Qualities of good listener-Welcome disagreement, Looks for the areas of agreement

17.Function  of  informal commn.- Supplimenting, Confirmation,Contradicting

18.Steps included in meeting- Physical arrangement,agenda,minutes

19.Obstacle of good listening are- Bias, Prejudice

20. Endomorph would mean- Round ,Soft, Fat

21.Feedback is immediate in business org.- True

22.We have less than one fifth of our time as  working time- false

Note: In assign ment we have question as one fifth of our time is utilized as wrking time which is true but here the questionis used as less than one fifth

23.Inside address contain Name address  & tel no- true

24.Getting organized to reduce waste time on finding things-True

25. While writing memo writer has to take care abt sensitivity of words- false

26.Mgr has to play –Planner, Provider, Protector

27.Vision Increase persons potential –False(I think true )

28.                   E-Commerce   -          It includes varity of e-Platform

                        House Journal  -          Responcibility of Human Resource dept

Sales Person -              Presentable,friendly,Technically sound,Good manner, well dressed
Note: Please tally the answers and verify them from SCDL textbooks as all answers might not be correct.


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