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Friday, May 2, 2014

Leadership and personality Development SCDL Paper - 3

This solved paper of Leadership and personality Development of SCDL Pune has been contributed by Savita Kumari
THANKS TO: Savita Kumari

 1.       Self-esteem is a particular way of experiencing self and involves social, physical and economic components

Ans : False

2.       A student who could not pass the entrance exam for MBA, decides not to pursue further, is an example of
Ans: Flight

3.       Match Following
Elite Department                                                          People with high morale
Cynicism                                                                     People with low morale
Rigid system & control imposed by the management     High Productivity low morale
Management failure in proper discharge of planning      High morale low productivity

4.       Low expectation leads to low performance
Ans:  True

5.       Leadership is both process & a property  
Ans: True

6.       Norms are more enforced in formal groups than informal groups  
Ans: False

7.       The human factor that binds people together and motivates them towards goals is  
Ans: Leadership

8.       Motivators – are necessary for an individual’s performance in an organization.

9.       Hygiene factors – are necessary for an individual’s performance in an organization.

10.   Morale - Is the preparedness of the group of employees to subordinate the individual and the group goals of the organization.

11.      Attitude - Provide standards of competence and morality.

12.   Conflict -   Exist when a person believe that the behavior of the other person prevents him from his goal achievement.

13.   Exodus of skilled personnel from the organization is a morale indicator 
Ans: True

14.   It is generally more important in determining a person’s temperament than values and ideals
Ans:  Heredity

15.   Following factors will affect the efficiency with which you one execute the decision : 
Ans:  Capacity of the employees & available resources

16.     Absenteeism -   In india is dependent upon seasons.
17.   Main reasons why you are unable to make the lasting changes into your personality is:
ü  You are not replacing limiting thoughts with empowering thoughts
ü  You are not getting rid of your innermost limiting thoughts

Note: Please tally the answers and verify them from SCDL textbooks as all answers might not be correct.


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