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Monday, February 9, 2015

Human Resource Management SCDL Solved Exam Questions Paper 58

This solved paper of SCDL Human Resource Management (HRM) of SCDL Pune has been contributed by KRISHNA KUMAR

The analysis of ________ (Primary / Quantitative / Qualitative / Secondary) data can give a lot of insights into the HRD assests and liabilities of the company.

Effective leadership , org readiness & style of implementation  = Re-engineering requisites for success
Analysis of various system or functions common across different types of industry = Generic benchmark
A POS system = Orgn benchmark technique
The attitude of a learner = HR accounting
Other alternatives = Successful benchmark / Competetive benchmark

For the success of any job evaluation system , it is imperative that the system gets the support of union = True

What are the objective of QC programme :
a. Improvement in minimizing wastages
b. Effective inspection & control system
c. Implementation in standard of goods with very little increase in cost of production
d. Conformance with desired standard
Ans: A, C, D

Generally new recruits prefer _____ (canteen / good remuneration / large well estbd company / better transport) with a good corporate image compared to small one.
Ans: C

Purpose of job analysis are to :
a. make placement of right person
b. prepare questionnaire
c. gather data on the job
d. set performance standard
Ans: B.C

Promotion is an advancement of an employee to a better job in terms of higher responsibility
a. increased rate of pay
b. more prestige
c. greater skill
d. living style
Ans: A, B, C

A strong __________( Manager / vision / employee / culture) can have a lasting effect & provide sustenenance to an org.
Ans: culture

At INTEL the Work Force Solution co (WFS) was framed & given monopoly over business process
Ans: False (It was IBM)

In which type of approach training program the comparison can be made between seed and HR : Trainer approach / Agriculture app / Manufr app / Facilitation app
Ans: Agri app

When was the act of absorbing and incorporating the best contemporary practices relevant to the co needs and by whom : Eastman Kodak (mid 70) / IBM (1969) / Xerox (mid60) / Xerox (mid 70)
Ans: Xerox mid 70

What means degree of accomplishment of the task assigned to an employee by way of Jon contents : Planning / Performance / Present / Potential
Ans: Performance


Note: Please tally the answers and verify them from SCDL textbooks as all answers might not be correct.  


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