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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Compensation Management SCDL Solved Exam Questions Paper 17

Q; In work study dept there is no need of engineer.
A; False

Q; Time recording is essential for___
A; Piece worker

Q; Impact of industrialization____       
A; Material outlook
     Rational outlook
     Permissiveness in sex

Q; Employee State Insurance Act established in
A; 1948

Q; Prior to industrialization, in India, marriage was considered as ____ institution
A; Sacred

Q; Pay slip is__
A; Given to every employee in every month.

Q; HR dept has also coordinate ____
A; And communicate closely with payroll dept with special reference to VRS scheme.

Q; According to the survey, The salesmen are usually given incentive in the form sale commission in ____ organization.
A; 75%

Q; Labour welfare fund is___
A; Rs 5/-

Q; In case any salary advance is granted to any employee to meet his urgent needs and such application has been made by employee and employer has been ____
A; Authorized to deduct such advance from his monthly wages.

Q; Without knowing labour cost, selling price of product and service can be fixed.
A; False

Q; It has seen that ____ managers realized that people do not attach same value to monetory incentive.
A; Enlighted

Q; Managers can aid in increasing productivity indirectly.
A; True

Q; The ____ workers are more mobile.
A; Unskilled

Q; Compensation systems of an organization are most vital factor for
A; Retention of employee
     Motivation of employee
     Morale of employee

Q; In traditional families, father of family was recognized as ___
A; Head.

 Q; Phases of Dotcom Company are
 A; 4

Q; Demerits of short term incentive plan
A; Quality tends to deteriorate unless there is stricter system of checking and inspection.
     It is difficult to set piece or bonus rates accurately.
    The amount and cost of clerical work increases.


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