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Friday, July 4, 2014

Organisational Behaviour SCDL Solved Exam Paper Assignment 44

This solved paper of Organizational Behavior of SCDL Pune has been contributed by Gaurav Jain

Thanks To: Gaurav Jain
  Question   Usually, the subordinates prefer the democratic leader.
  Correct Answer   True
  Question   Conceptual skill is the distinguishing feature of job performance at the operating level.
  Correct Answer   False
 Select The Blank
  Question   T.P.M stands for total________management.
  Correct Answer   productivity
 Select The Blank
  Question   The group________are more important to the group members than any financial incentive.
  Correct Answer   norms
 Select The Blank
  Question   The multinationals which come on the Indian scene enjoy superior resources in terms of________technology as well as market network.
  Correct Answer   money
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
  Question   The levels at which studies of Organizational Behaviour have been carried out rotate to
  Correct Answer   Individual , Small group , Inter-group 
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
  Question   The Hawthorne studies are of utmost significance as they form an honest and concerted attempt to understand:
  Correct Answer   The human factor , Employee attitudes , The workers social situations 
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   It is important for a manager to study the human behaviours within the context of
  Correct Answer   Organization
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   Hawthorne studies point out that:
  Correct Answer   The need for recognition and security exert greater impact on productivity than the physical working conditions.
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   Managers began to develop a new awakened view of the human aspects of their jobs after:
  Correct Answer   The great depression
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   In Custodial organization model, managerial orientation is:
  Correct Answer   Money
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
  Question   The concepts dealing with the nature of individual are:
  Correct Answer   Whole person , Motivation , Human dignity 
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
  Question   Select the factors which are treated as motivators by Herzberg in his theory of motivation.
  Correct Answer   Achievement , Possibility of growth , Responsibility 
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
  Question   Name the groups of core needs identified by Alderfer
  Correct Answer   Existence , Relatedness , Growth 
 Select The Blank
  Question   According to Herzberg, there are two sets of factors at the work life, viz. the motivators and the ________factors.
  Correct Answer   Hygiene
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   Which of the given factors are also known as dissatisfiers?
  Correct Answer   Hygiene factors
 Match The Following
Question         Correct Answer
Herzberg         Two factor theory of motivation
Douglas McGregor         Theory X and theory Y
J.Stacy Adams         Equity theory
Harold Kelley         Attribution theory
 Select The Blank
  Question   ________ indicates the happiness of the employees with the organizational environment.
  Correct Answer   Morale
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   Which of the following situation is expected to last in the long run?
  Correct Answer   Low productivity, high morale
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   From the given information identify the morale indicator.
  Correct Answer   Exit interviews
 Select The Blank
  Question   The most superficial level of organizational culture consists of________.
  Correct Answer   symbols
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
  Question   We can maintain organizational culture by
  Correct Answer   Recruiting and removal , Role modeling and coaching , Allocating rewards 
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   In which type of corporate culture, do the members have a strong sense of identification and recognize the interdependence?
  Correct Answer   Clan
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   High competitiveness and profit orientation is a characteristic of which type of organizational culture?
  Correct Answer   Market
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   Culture of an organization can be affected by
  Correct Answer   Inadequate criteria of measuring employee performance
 Select The Blank
  Question   A person of lower than normal intelligence is less bored by ________ work.
  Correct Answer   repetitive
  Question   What is play to some people maybe work to others?
  Correct Answer   True
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   Noise is regarded as a distracter, because it interferes with/affects-
  Correct Answer   work efficiency
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
  Question   The different types of fatigue are
  Correct Answer   mental , physical , psychological 

Note: Please tally the answers and verify them from SCDL textbooks as all answers might not be correct. 


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