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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Organisational Behaviour SCDL Solved Exam Paper Assignment 48

This solved paper of Organizational Behavior of SCDL Pune has been contributed by Gaurav Jain

Thanks To: Gaurav Jain

Question: Leadership is inter-organizational influence exercised towards attainment of a specified goal.
Correct Answer: False
Question: Rest provides the opportunity to recover from fatigue.
Correct Answer: True
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
Question: To be efficient every manager must try to
Correct Answer: Understand human behaviour , Predict human behaviour , Control human behaviour 
Select The Blank
Question: The ________ teams are concerned with rotating tasks and assignments amongst its members
Correct Answer: Self-managed
Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
Question: To change organizational culture successfully we need to:
Correct Answer: Find the most effective sub-culture and use it as an example , Practice what we preach , Include employees in the change process 
Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
Question: Mismatch between personality and organization may lead to
Correct Answer: Confusion and chaos , Loss of interest by members in organization , Low morale and job satisfaction 
Select The Blank
Question: Cultural ________ are words, gestures and pictures or other physical objects that carry a particular meaning with the culture.
Correct Answer: symbols
Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
Question: The results of bank wiring room study done under the Hawthorne experiments were:
Correct Answer: Small group of people emerge as a team, The group is indifferent towards financial incentives, The group norms are more important for the members 
Match The Following
Question - Correct Answer
Free rein leaders - Avoid power and responsibility
Negative leaders - Act domineering and superior with their subordinates
Autocratic leaders - Provide security and satisfaction to his subordinates
Participative leaders - Exercise control mostly by using forces within the group
Multiple Choice Single Answer
Question: The stage which relates to development of decision making abilities, interpersonal and technical competencies is known as :
Correct Answer: Storming
Select The Blank
Question: When an autocratic leader chooses to give rewards to his employees, then his style becomes ________-autocratic style.
Correct Answer: Benevolent
Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
Question: The different types of fatigue are
Correct Answer: A24   mental , physical , psychological 
Select The Blank
Question: The ________ skills relate to a person's knowledge and ability in any organizational functional area.
Correct Answer: Technical
Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
Question: Organizational objectives can be achieved by
Correct Answer: Group work , Division of labour , Hierarchy of authority 
Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
Question: Select the needs which are discussed by the need hierarch theory.
Correct Answer: Physiological needs , Security needs , Self realization needs 
Match The Following
Question Correct Answer
Noise - is a distracter
Repetitive task - is a cause of boredom
Peak output - is a result of efficiency
Soft music - increases productivity
Note: Please tally the answers and verify them from SCDL textbooks as all answers might not be correct.   


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