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Friday, August 21, 2015

Organisational Behaviour SCDL Solved Exam Paper Assignment 50

This solved paper of Organizational Behavior of SCDL Pune has been contributed by Gaurav Jain

Thanks To: Gaurav Jain

  Select The Blank
  Question   ________ is caused because of the modern life and anxiety to cope with them.
  Correct Answer   Distress
 Select The Blank
  Question   According to Vroom's theory, ________ is the result of multiplication of valence and expectancy.
  Correct Answer   Motivation
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   In Bank wiring room studies were carried out by:
  Correct Answer   an observer and an interviewer
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
  Question   What sort of communication is considered to be more effective in modern organization?
  Correct Answer   On-going , Informal , Dynamic 
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
  Question   The levels at which studies of Organizational Behaviour have been carried out rotate to
  Correct Answer   Individual , Small group , Inter-group 
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   Hawthorne studies point out that:
  Correct Answer   The need for recognition and security exert greater impact on productivity than the physical working conditions.
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
  Question   Identify which of the given theories pertain to the category of content theories.
  Correct Answer   Maslow's hierarchy theory , Alderfer's ERG needs theory , Fredrick Herzberg's two factor theory 
  Question   F. W. Taylor published a book titled "Psychology and Industrial Efficiency"
  Correct Answer   False
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   The stage which relates to development of decision making abilities, interpersonal and technical competencies is known as :
  Correct Answer   Storming
 Select The Blank
  Question   The pension plans, gratuity contribution and mandatory provident fund rules are framed basically to take care of ________ needs.
  Correct Answer   Security
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
  Question   Major determinants of personality
  Correct Answer   Biological , Situation 
 Select The Blank
  Question   Manager's role changed from that of a leader to that of partner in a ________ type of organization.
  Correct Answer   Collegial
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
  Question   In an example of the erection of a stone wall, the work curve shows the following
  Correct Answer   an initial warming up before reaching peak productivity , the leveling off of productivity , eventual decrement in productivity, probably ending in a spurt again 
 Select The Blank
  Question   The communication process can be improved by ________.
  Correct Answer   Reducing status barriers
  Question   Employees and organization can prosper if they help each other.
  Correct Answer   True
 Match The Following
Question                          Correct Answer
Noise                               is a distracter
Repetitive task                  is a cause of boredom
Peak output                      is a result of efficiency
Soft music                        increases productivity
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
  Question   Select the factors which are treated as motivators by Herzberg in his theory of motivation.
  Correct Answer   Achievement , Possibility of growth , Responsibility 
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   Term LOC in the study of personality stand for
  Correct Answer   Locus of control

Note: Please tally the answers and verify them from SCDL textbooks as all answers might not be correct.   


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