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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Organisational Behaviour SCDL Solved Exam Paper Assignment 51

This solved paper of Organizational Behavior of SCDL Pune has been contributed by Gaurav Jain

Thanks To: Gaurav Jain

  Question   Human behaviour is simple to understand
  Correct Answer   False
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   In Custodial organization model, managerial orientation is:
  Correct Answer   Money
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   From the following which is classified as a hygiene factor according to Herzberg's theory of motivation.
  Correct Answer   Salary
  Question   Organizational culture exists on different levels which differ in terms of visibility and resistance to change.
  Correct Answer   True
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   In Bank wiring room studies were carried out by:
  Correct Answer   an observer and an interviewer
 Select The Blank
  Question   One of the factors causing decrement in work is ________.
  Correct Answer   fatigue
 Select The Blank
  Question   Organizational Behaviour studies human behavior as well as group________.
  Correct Answer   dynamics
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
  Question   To be efficient every manager must try to
  Correct Answer   Understand human behaviour , Predict human behaviour , Control human behaviour 
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   How would you analyze the situation where the morale of employees is high but their productivity is low?
  Correct Answer   Improper planning function
 Match The Following
Question                                Correct Answer
Harold Kelley                        Attribution theory
Herzberg                             Two factor theory of motivation
Douglas McGregor               Theory X and theory Y
J.Stacy Adams                    Equity theory
  Question   According to Vroom's expectancy theory of motivation, when an individual desires a particular outcome the value of valence is negative.
  Correct Answer   False
 Select The Blank
  Question   In older days employees were referred to as ________
  Correct Answer   Hands
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   Anand is the new CEO of ABC Ltd. Whatever suggestions or recommendations are given by his subordinate managers, all are rejected by Anand. What sort of role is being portrayed by Anand?
  Correct Answer   Negativist
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
  Question   Ego controls
  Correct Answer   The gateway of actions , Select the feature of environment , Decides what instincts will be satisfied. 
 Select The Blank
  Question   The discipline of Organizational________tries to synchronize internal organizational environment with external social environment.
  Correct Answer   Behaviour
 Select The Blank
  Question   The communication between managers and workers located in different functional divisions is known as ________ communication.
  Correct Answer   Diagonal
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   A communication media is said to rich when which of the given parameters are satisfied?
  Correct Answer   It facilitates rapid feedback
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
  Question   Ego reduces tension by performing task of
  Correct Answer   Perceiving outside world. , Remembering experience with outside world , Acting to satisfy the instinctual wishes 
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   In Organizational Behaviour, 'caused behaviour' means
  Correct Answer   By his own behaviour, a manager can affect how an employee behaves.
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
  Question   Fiedler has described situational favorableness in terms of three empirically derived dimensions, viz:
  Correct Answer   The leader member relationship , The degree of task structure , The leader's positional power 
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
  Question   Good match between individual personality and organization is essential because of
  Correct Answer   Some people have passion for bureaucracy , Some people prefer autonomy flexibility in operation 
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   From the given information identify the morale indicator.
  Correct Answer   Exit interviews
 Select The Blank
  Question   Frequent absenteeism of manager who talks about punctuality to his subordinate is a way of ________ behavior.
  Correct Answer   Autocratic
 Multiple Choice Multiple Answer
  Question   What are the principles of job enlargement?
  Correct Answer   Challenging the employees by increasing the expected production , Adding other tasks to the job , Rotating the assignments 
 Select The Blank
  Question   The scuffle in the organization for achieving the organizational status ant the power, is the essence of the ________ needs.
  Correct Answer   Esteem
 Multiple Choice Single Answer
  Question   It is said that a manager should be so skillful that he should be able to develop and motivate even an inefficient employee. This expectation is said to come from which concept?
  Correct Answer   Pygmalion

Note: Please tally the answers and verify them from SCDL textbooks as all answers might not be correct.  


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